Thursday, February 25, 2010

Don’t feed him feed me

Don’t feed him feed me, i am your positive and he is your negative energy. Every wrong action or thought feeds him, and every good feeds me.
Feeding him too much will make him stronger and will always make him rule. If so happens, he will never let you do anything right and will take you away from the path of Truth, Love and Forgiveness.
He will always encourage you to have revenge, jealousy, and greed, because that is what he lives on. We both demand our food but its up to you whom you feed, and that will decide what kind of a person you are going to be.

You can never be at peace if under his rule. So feed me more and more so I may defeat him, and help you to attain enlightenment.

Every human is born with equal energies, but then what choice he makes first (good or bad) makes that energy strong. It is a never ending fight between the two. But, it gets very hard to beat your negative side if it has become strong, because not only will it demand bad, it will also never let you do good. Many times you know that you are doing wrong, yet you do it. Some call it a bad habit, but its because of your negative energy that you had fed, and, I am not able to stop you because of my weakness. Had you given me enough feed I would have….so I beg, don’t feed him feed me.......

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