Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gallery Ragini presents a4arple curated by Johny ML

Please do save the date- 25th November 2011, for the opening of - A 4 Arple- starting from 7.00 pm onwards at Gallery Ragini.

A 4 Arple is a group show of recent works by forty one Indian artists. The show endeavors to create through a collection of almost 100 art-works, a composite space that allows the viewer his/her own journey into the fundamental question of existence that is shaped by language. Deploying the means of art- both in terms of the physicality of artworks as well as the 'artistic' space of the gallery in interesting ways, A 4 Arple significantly dwells on the linguisticexperience of 'error'.

We hope you do join us for the event and enable us to realize the inherently performative journey of A 4 Arple.

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  1. I am really sorry to inform you that I wont be able to attend it, as I have to go somewhere else. I have best wishes for you hope it goes as planned.