I spent most of my childhood years on my dining table with my sketchbook and a 2B graphite pencil to sketch the portraits of my most admired celebrities from that era. A lot of these images I copied from magazines and newspapers that I seldom found a better use to. All my prized works that I had spent hours and hours bringing to life, were tragically destroyed in an accidental fire that broke down in my house in the year 2002. Ever since then, this became a forgotten chapter in my journey; I wasn't even an artist then ! It was only in the year 2008 that I started painting professionally and expressing my artistic thoughts on a canvas , which were mostly in the form of scenes which were memories of my previous home surroundings.The portrait chapter opened up in my life once again , when recently a client of mine approached me to make his portrait in my style of painting. This has once again revived my passion to paint personalities whom I find iconic and unique in their own way . I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoy painting them ! 

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